Juicing For A Bikini Body

Juicer Recipes For Weight Loss

You’ve heard how juicing is one of the most nutritious ways to gain an overall healthy body, but did you know it can help you reach your weight loss goals and get a beautiful bikini bod? There are hundreds of juicing combinations that help you to get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to help fight illness and give you energy. But certain juicing combinations can help you control your appetite and increase your ability to burn calories.


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The pineapple – a delicious, juicy fruit that most people enjoy the taste of, is one of the most nutritionally beneficial fruits. It is not only chock-full of vitamins and minerals but will also help you obtain a slimmer more svelte physique that’s ready for the bikini an the beach,

Nutritional value of the pineapple (taken from https://www.ttuhsc.edu/health.edu/(S(lzv1a1vk2gv4wqywm0cpl555))/default.aspx)

• Vitamins and minerals:

Pineapples are very high in multiple vitamins, especially C, folate, some B vitamins and calcium. They also come loaded with a lot of antioxidants like, manganese, copper and thiamine. These minerals are free radical busters, while manganese also helps to strengthen bones.

Vitamin C helps fight multiple types of illnesses, especially colds. It is an immune building vitamin, while thiamine helps metabolize carbohydrates. The B vitamins are known to aid in the metabolism process for weight loss, but to get the most out of that benefit, all the B vitamins should be taken together.

• Low fat:

Pineapples are naturally low in fat and will also help curb your appetite. This will help keep the munchies away.

• Full of water:

You need lots of water when pursuing your weight loss goals and pineapples can help you achieve your goal of water consumption each day.


• Enzyme bromelain:

Pineapple contains an important enzyme that aids the body in several things: digestion and inflammation and swelling. It helps to breakdown body fat and will help slim you down when you consume enough pineapple in your diet. Many slimming pills contain bromelain as part of their make-up.

For your bikini body juice mix, you will need these ingredients:

— 1/3 or ½ of a good sized pineapple
— Spinach (1 bag)
— ½ mid-sized cucumber
— 2 small apples or 1 large apple
— Fresh juice from 2 lemons or lines
— Ice is optional

Mix the juice well in a blender or your juicing machine until smooth. To get the most out of the juice for your weight loss plan, drink the juice first thing in the morning and either on an empty stomach, or after having a half a cup of lemon fresh juice. This will allow the juice to be better absorbed by your body and the nutritional benefits to go to work better on increasing your metabolism and burning calories.

As you drink your juice on a daily basis, you may decide you want to add or experiment adding other elements to the juice. May a sprig of mint, or fresh basil. You can different extra flavorings to change it up and give it a whole new taste.

5 Easy To Make Healthy Meals

Grilled-Chicken-Salad-Supreme.ashxYou’re working hard, exercising hard, and trying to get in a little relaxation now and again. So where does making healthy meals fit into that busy schedule? Whether you’re single, living with a partner, or a parent, coming up with healthy meals every week can be a chore. Here are 5 meals that are heart healthy, immune-boosting and calorie-wise — and tasty. Best of all, they are fast and easy to prepare.

One of the keys to healthy, simple meals is using simple ingredients, many of which can be purchased pre-washed and prepared. When you have more time, substitute pre-chopped, canned or bottled ingredients for fresh.
1. Grilled Chicken Chef Salad
Prep time 15 minutes. Feeds 4.
1 package 99% fat-free chicken tenderloins
1 back of pre-washed baby spinach
2 fresh tomatoes
1 package pre-crumbled blue cheese
1 cucumber
1 red bell pepper
Light Honey Dijon dressing

The key to this fresh, delicious chef salad is low fat. Don’t put the fat back on the chicken by frying! Instead, lightly paint each tenderloin with olive oil, a dash of pepper to taste and broil at 500 for three minutes on each side or until done. Let chicken cook and remove from oven to cool. Combine baby spinach, cut tomatoes; sliced, peeled cucumber; thin slices of seeded red pepper. You’re done!

2. Pasta with Garlic and Olive OilPrep time 12 minutes. Feeds 4.

1 package #8 spaghetti
2 tablespoons prepared garlic, or 6 cloves thinly sliced
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
1/8 pound reggiano Parmesan
black pepper, crushed red pepper
½ bunch Italian parsley

The magic of this meal is ease and timing. The garlic takes the same amount of time to brown as the spaghetti takes to cook! And garlic’s a super food, preventing colds and infections. Boil water for pasta. When it’s boiling, dump in one box (1 lb) of spaghetti. Meanwhile, pour the olive oil into a steel fry pan on medium high, and sprinkled in your crushed garlic or sliced cloves of garlic. Watch the garlic carefully, stirring it, and when it starts to turn light brown, take it off the heat. Drain your past and do not rinse it! Serve pasta on plates, pour garlic infused oil over it, sprinkle with black pepper, a pinch of crushed red pepper, and sprinkle pre-grated Reggiano Parmesan on top to taste. Pronto!

3. Grilled Zucchini and Salmon.Prep time 10 minutes. Serves 4.


4 frozen salmon filets
2 medium zucchinis
feta cheese
bunch fresh Italian parsley
1 cucumber
olive oil
salt and pepper
Light Ranch Dressing

The stars in this dish are a grill and fresh ingredients. Heat up the grill until it’s super hot. Slice zucchinis into eights, the long way. Paint salmon filets and zucchinis with olive oil, pepper and salt to taste. Lay salmon filets and zucchinis on the grill for 3 minutes on each side or until done. While that’s cooking, take washed parsley and tear up half a bunch without stems into a bowl. Slice the cucumber thin, and also throw into the bowl. Dress cucumber parsley salad with Ken’s Light Ranch dressing. Remove salmon and zucchini from grill and plate. Crumbles feta over grilled zucchini. Plate cucumber and parsley salad. Colorful, and Omega 3’s galore!
4. Southwest Fiesta SaladPrep time 20 minutes. Feeds 4.

1 can niblet corn
1/3 cup pine nuts
¼ cup lemon or lime juice
3 table spoons olive oil
½ washed bunch Italian parsley
pepper and salt to taste
2 cans black beans (rinsed)
1 large tomato (cubed)
1/2 purple onion diced
2 cups thinly shredded purple cabbage

Except for chopping up some cabbage, parsley and onion, everything in this recipe is already prepared! Simply mix all the ingredients together in one bowl to make a colorful, protein-rich salad. Serve with toasted french or Italian bread drizzled with olive oil. Protein-rich!

5. Cold Spanish Gazpacho with Garlic ToastPrep time 15 minutes. Feeds 4.

1 Persian cucumber, diced (not peeled)
3 cloves garlic or prepared crushed garlic
4 ripe tomatoes
3 cups tomato juice
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
¼ cup virgin olive oil
2 red bell peppers, cored and seeded.
1 medium purple onion

Chop all the vegetables roughly and toss into your food processor or mixer. Use your “pulse” control and don’t over-process. Combine processed vegetables in a bowl with the olive oil, tomato juice,m vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste. Stick in the freezer for 5 minutes to chill. Serve with toasty rounds of crusty bread sprinkled with olive oil. ¡Qué rico!

How To Exercise For You Body Type

The first step to figuring out what type of workouts will reap in the most benefits for you, is to figure out what body type you have!

There are four common body types most people fall into: apple shaped, pear shaped, hour glass, and straight. Once you figure out which body type you have it’s easy to find the workouts that will build you a beautiful, healthy body!


1. Identifying your body type

  • Apple shaped: Hold their weight in their upper body with a “V” like body frame. Meaning most of their weight collects in their arms and midsection.
  • Pear shaped: This body type hold most of their weight in their lower body, usually resulting in excess weight of the calf, thigh, or buttocks.
  • Hour glass: An hour glass figure usually has hips and shoulders of the same width and a smaller waist, that mirrors an hour glass.
  • Straight: This body type has very little variation between the hip and shoulder measurements, producing a body type virtually void of curves.

Now that you’ve figured out which body type most closely resembles your own, you can start to take action!

2. Apple shaped
Cardio is essential for nearly any body type, Make sure to get in 30 minutes to an hour at least five days a week. Crunches are a great first for any apple body type, toning your core and midsection will help you feel less flabby. triangle push ups will help to target both your core and arms at once, along with another great workout, tricep extensions. Yoga and Pilates classes can be a good blend of both cardio and muscle workouts, resulting in a well rounded option for this body type.

3. Pear shaped
The pear body shape needs to focus on toning the lower body, workouts like squats or weighted squats accomplish this goal. Walking lunges with added weights and calf raises will also help to squash lower body bulk. Cardio kick boxing or a spin class will help you target all of your lower body worries.

4. Hour glass
while this body type is mainly in proportion a great workout will help you rid and excess flab. Increasing cardio, the plank hold, tricep extension squat and lateral pull down are the best option for this body type. Cardio classes may help you get a total body tone, Zumba and other dance classes will help you achieve a workout that’s the most beneficial.

5. Straight
This “boyish” build’s goals are to create the illusion of curves, and create proportioned body. Muscle workouts like leg/shoulder press, dumbbell fly or bench press will solve this. Classes that combine strength training with cardio are your best bet for this body type, helping you to build mass in the right places.

Getting the most out of your workout is easy with a combination of cardio and muscle specific workouts that compliment your personal build. When working out or choosing a fitness class make sure to account for your own body’s need, strengths, and weaknesses and you should have the body of your dreams in no time!

7 Reasons You Should Eat Less Grains

Grains are a popular topic in our day to day repasts and they range from pasta, cereals, and baked products. Apart from commonly being known for human consumption, animals are also vast grain-eaters. Over the years, grains have been known for their contribution towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, this is not the case in today’s world. Many researchers have come up with criticism on the consumption of grains.

The following are the seven reasons why you should eat less grain:


Some grains and especially wheat have chemical substances that may cause health problems if ingested. Wheat in particular has a chemical known as gluten, which if often consumed may be more problematic to your health. This is why it is important to watch on the type of grain you consume and also the amount.

They block mineral absorption

Grains are anti-nutrients; they contain enzyme inhibitors that block minerals from being observed in the body. This negatively affects a person’s health; subsequently the body mostly depends on minerals for muscles and bones development. Additionally minerals aid in good nerve signal transmissions. Thus when grains prevent absorption of minerals, it results into weak bones and muscle; and weak nerve signal transmissions.


Bulging stomach and fat rolls

Excessive consumption of grains stimulates the production of insulin. A high insulin level in the body lowers the ability of glucagon to break fats. A reduced ability of the body to shed off fats results to more accumulation of the fats in the body. Continued accumulation leads to a bulging stomach and fat rolls in thighs and chins.

Suppress the immunity system

A crushed immune system is like a crushed car engine, it functions with a lot of difficulty and it is more prone to damage. Extreme consumption of grains weakens the immunity and makes the body more susceptible to illnesses and further contributes to allergies. The long term effects of a suppressed immunity are chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Nutrients can be found elsewhere

Grain nutrients can be supplemented with nutrients from other foods. This is fundamentally because grains aren’t a dependable nutrients source. They tend to produce small amounts of nutrients that if consumed, these nutrients are insufficient for the whole body. An alternative of other nutrients is thus the best for production of sufficient nutrients for the whole body use.

Ancestral rule

Back in the Stone Age, people were dependent on animal nutrients for growth and development. Grains were eaten less since people never believed in the nutritional value of grains. Thus we should emulate their ways by following what the deemed to be nutritious and avoid eating what they never considered nutritious.


People who consume grains are considered vegans. To avoid being called being called a vegan, eat less grain by supplementing them it with other food products. This is to stop people from assuming you are a vegan when you are not. Vegans tend to be considered weak in the society due to their strict grain consumption mode.